Yay for Yellow and Gray

This is not a news flash, but yellow and gray is currently celebrating its fifteen minutes of fame.  It’s everywhere!  And for good reason, it’s such a refreshing combination that can be either relaxing or energizing, depending on the shade of yellow and the placement.

So, I have decided to get in on the action.  We have a bathroom with a gray bathtub and toilet.  I want a cost-effective way to update the bathroom without reglazing the tub and replacing the toilet.  To complement the gray, and white tiled floor and shower, we have decided to paint the walls yellow.

What do you think?

bathroom6[Image courtesy of HGTV]

bathroom[Image courtesy of HGTV]

bathroom1[Image Courtesy of Flickr]

bathroom2[Image Courtesy of Southern Living]

bathroom3[Image Courtesy of Canadian House & Home]

bathroom4[Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart via Moving Designz]

bathroom5[Image courtesy of Home Sweet Home]

And a few coordinating accessories:

bathroom7[Ashley Citron Shower Curtain, Bliss Living Home]

bathroom8[Vipp Trash Can, Design Within Reach]

bathroom9[Fern Forest Bath Mat, Anthropologie]

Before and after pictures coming soon — stay tuned!!

3 responses to “Yay for Yellow and Gray

  1. Yellow & Gray Rock

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  3. “Yay for Yellow and Gray | spark!” seriously got
    myself addicted on your blog! I personallywill be
    returning way more regularly. With thanks ,Lasonya

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