Shoes News

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for breaking shoes news!

I have been less than inspired in the past couple years with the fall and winter shoe collections.  As a result, I am still wearing some shoes from college (more than 10 years ago, if you are counting) because I haven’t found suitable replacements. 

So imagine my delight while perusing Piperlime when I found a fabulous assortment of shoes for the fall and winter that met my 3Cs of adult shoe-buying: Chic, Comfy and Cost-effective.  🙂


[Taheri Polly, $105]


[Biviel BV2123, $145] (I love me some Biviel shoes!)


[Biviel BVC053, $150]


[Calvin Klein Mackenzi, $88]


[Fossil Maddox Flat, $68]


[Enzo Angiolini Unheard, $169]


[Aerosoles Gather Around, $120]

See what I mean??? And if I wanted to go a little more trendy this season….


[Pierre Dumas Stella-1, $49]


[Miz Mooz Soho, $109]

Which are your faves and what shoes are you wearing this Fall?

And we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogs….

3 responses to “Shoes News

  1. I ❤ the first pair. And think the third pair is TOTALLY you. I also really like the loafers. But hate the word loafer. It sounds like something old people wear. PS what shoes do you still have from college?! Do we need to do a closet intervention next time I come visit?

  2. Patricia Kiessling

    This blog is so you.

  3. So would it sound completely ridiculous if I said I *needed* them all?!

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