Favorite Things Friday!










Do you love these delightful doors in my neighborhood as much as I do?

These photos are examples of some of my favorite doors in Westover Hills, my little haven in the City of Richmond.  Most houses in the area were built between 1920 and 1940.  The architecture and style vary throughout, with Cape Cods located next to Spanish Colonials and Tudor Revivals, with a few farmhouses and Arts and Crafts bungalows scattered through the neighborhood.  The British street names add to the charm of the area: Devonshire, New Kent, Dorchester, Leicester, Peterborough and Caledonia, to name a few.

I love the salmony-red door in the last picture – which door is your favorite?

One response to “Favorite Things Friday!

  1. Hey Ada-M!

    I never knew we shared this interest! I like comparing front doors, fences, gates, & churches! I loved the pictures of the doors of Westover! This is very creative & insightful- very delightful as well! I am going to send it to MiMi & Julie who would both enjoy these doors as well. My favorite doors were the blue ones (2) & the goldish one with the big peak ( gable?) with a window above it & a white victorian screen door. I loved the salmon red door you chose- very warm & inviting. Yes- You have a talent in this area- we will discuss this in another forum- xxoo

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