Orange Crush

My dearest Yellow:

My lust for you is waning.  I have developed an intense crush on your neighbor…Orange.  It’s not you, it’s me.  You really have a great personality and I am hopeful that we can remain friends after our passionately bright, but short-lived, tryst.   

So long, my tawny friend,








[All images from House Beautiful.]


9 responses to “Orange Crush

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your recent separation from the lovely yellow. Although, I’ve got to admit your new love is quite beautiful too.

  2. Um, have you received your Two Years of Being a Mommy present yet?

  3. you know orange is my favorite, right? that i picked out orange carpet for my bedroom when i was 5? that that is the reason i chose MY alma mater over yours? haha, jk on the last one. well, kinda.

  4. Patricia Kiessling

    You could have taken a picture of Chelsea’s bathroom for this edition. It is completely bright orange!

  5. Love the blue & orange color combo! Great pics!

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