Pillow Talk

Stacked pillows are everywhere!  The no-muss-no-fuss stacked pillows used to be reserved for the floating, low-sitting, Asian-inspired platform bed or other modern bedrooms, but these days pillow towers are in bedrooms of all styles.  Bonuses – great way to show off gorgeous sheets, and no ironing and starching the edges of pillow shams to make them stand up to the forces of gravity (who does that anyway?)!

I love the mix of styles in the picture below – modern canopy bed, crisp white sheets, traditional crystal lamps, small rose bouquets.


The picture below may look familiar – it is from the Avia Hotel in Savannah (I posted on Avia last month).  I like the mix of the stacked pillows and the slanted accent pillows.  Check out the unexpected shape created by folding the throw blanket into a vertical rectangle.


Here is another picture of the stacked pillows with slanted accent pillows sitting in front.  Personally, I think there are too many pillows on this bed – I think it would look great with either the slanted Euro shams behind the stacked pillows, or the stacked pillows behind the slanted accent pillows, but not all three together.


Another similar look (notice the great end table too!):


I like the simplicity and femininity of the stacked pillows here that coordinate with the upholstered headboard and ribboned duvet.


Here is a similar look.  The edges of the Euro shams on the bottom of the stack fall beautifully on the bed – no ironing and starching required.


Below is a simple, traditional look with flat pillow and a slanted accent pillow.  I like the placement of candlestick lamp, retro fan and sparkly picture frame on the nightstand too.


Stacked pillows look right at home in a modern, contemporary bedroom.  I like the configuration of the monochromatic long bolster pillow with flat pillows in front, and pillows on a slant – looks comfortable and inviting, and not overdone.


The flat pillows really complement this spartan and simple room:


Check out these stacked pillows – oh my!  This is an image from the Blakes Hotel in London decorated by the famous Anouska Hempel.  Over the top?  Yes.  Visually interesting?  You betcha!


Give the stack a try every now and then.  Play around with the placement of the shams, pillows and any accent pillows.  It’s a nice, no fuss, no cost update to your bedroom!

[Images courtesy of: 1. Southern Accents; 2.  Avia Hotels; 3. Coastal Living; 4.  Cottage Living; 5. MyHomeIdeas.com; 6. House Beautiful; 7. Coastal Living; 8. Veranda; 9. Veranda; 10. Blakes Hotel]

One response to “Pillow Talk

  1. Jessica McClellan

    Love the stacked pillows! Hope you had a terrific 4th!!!

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