These acrylic bar stools from CB2 are magical!

VaporBarstoolsI find that traditional, high-backed bar stools often detract from the overall aesthetic of a kitchen, obscure the view into and out of the kitchen, and can distract the eye from the clean lines of a beautiful kitchen.

And, let’s be honest, backless bar stools are just plain uncomfortable.  These invisibly chic wonders solve all of these problems and promise to be comfortably “form fitting” in all the right places.  They add a modern element to the kitchen and would look terrific with stainless appliances.  Geniously gorgeous!

P.S. – A big thank you to Shades of Light for the nice post about the fans in my nursery and guest room.

P.P.S. – Thanks a million to my pal Paul Corrie for the great advice regarding the wasted space that is my hallway dormer.

P.P.P.S. – Be sure to click back tomorrow for Favorite Things Friday!  Yay Friday!

One response to “Poof

  1. Ada, I can’t believe it – we have the same fans in our bedrooms! We got white for E and stainless for ourselves. I am surprised to find that I like the white better! They not only look cool but work great too…

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