Latest Project Completed

I thought that I would share some pictures of my latest decorating endeavor.  It is finally completed after six months of searching, hemming & hawing, price shopping and waiting.  Tah Dah – our new carpet runner up the staircase in our front hall: 



Here is a view from the top of the stairs.  These pictures do not capture the vibrancy of the light sage green background!  

I experienced so many challenges while selecting the carpet.  First, the color.  I would have loved something in the neighborhood of a textured, maybe trellised, light, bright yellow to contrast with the pale gray walls and pick up the blonde tones in the hardwood floors.  But alas, with a 2 year old, a dust-mop of dog and a husband who likes to get dirty, practicality dictated a choice that could withstand significant traffic and wear.  So, I ended up looking at darker colors, like greens and blues, as well as patterned carpets.

Second, the pattern.  Most of the patterned carpets look straight out of the lobby of a Holiday Inn or, on the higher end, the foyer of a country club.  There are a lot of tans, burgundies, hunter greens and ornately adorned lattice patterns out there.  Each sample that I took home felt stale and looked like it belonged in an airport lounge.  Which leads me to…

Third, the style.  I loved the modern-looking runners with geometric texture.  They are rarities – there weren’t many of them out there.  We almost chose a sage green carpet with a great, raised texture throughout.  It was gorgeous.  It was kind of in the “Greek Key” style of the rug below, except it was all one color and the key pattern was demonstrated through a raised texture:


[Photo courtesy of:]

But yet again, the voice of reason prevailed and I thought about re-sale value – would prospective purchasers with different styles and tastes think this contemporary carpet was as amazing as I do?      

In the end, I realized that I wanted a color that could hide heavy traffic in a pattern that felt fresh, new, and updated, but that was neutral enough to appeal to many decorating sensibilities.  Here is a close up of the final carpet choice: 


A huge thanks to Karen at Carey Burke Carpets for her assistance and infinite patience with me (and my, as she called it, “eclectic style”)!  

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2 responses to “Latest Project Completed

  1. How about a huge thanks to Lala for looking at samples? 🙂

    I still really love your living room rug. You should just post a picture of it. Because.

  2. It looks great – what is the manufacturer of the carpet?

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