Lovely Lamp Shade


I discovered this delicate and ethereal lamp shade buried in the pages of my new favorite catalog, Viva Terra.  Love at first sight!  And affordable too.  It is sold as a hanging light ($89) or you can purchase the shade ($69).  The aluminum is so sheer and beautifully etched that it almost resembles silk organza.  I love that it’s an unexpected medium, as you don’t see many aluminum lampshades, and can imagine that it would get many double-takes!

And, the gorgeous shade is so versatile.  By simply changing its base, it can go from formal to casual, and from traditional to modern.  It would be beautiful on an entry hall console table on top of a crystal lamp base, sitting to one side of a fabulous mirror.  

The shade would also look amazing in with a tall, modern base  in a great color like orange, yellow, red or turquoise.   Check out this awesome orange Jonathan Adler lamp below from Shades of Light.  This lamp paired with the aluminum shade would look lovely on both sides of a clean, tailored sofa in a living room.  


I tried searching for other aluminum lamp shades out there, but really could not find any that came close to this beauty.  It is a wonderfully unique find!


One response to “Lovely Lamp Shade

  1. I’m really in love with that shade – I think it would look great as a hanging light in my living room…

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