Butter Me Up!

As I pulled the butter out of the refrigerator this morning for my toasted bagel, I noticed the tattered wax paper covering the stick and thought “ew, this is uncivilized!”  I have decided that my morning bagel will taste much better if the butter is dispensed from an aesthetically pleasing place.  So, I have spent the better part of the morning scouring my favorite sources in search of fab butter dishes. 

Oh, and my only limiting criteria was that the butter dish had to have a cover – I hate butter that tastes like leftover Chinese food or last night’s spaghetti.  Ew again.   

I love this sweet, quirky deer butter dish.  It would look great on the table all year long, and especially at Easter and Thanksgiving.   


I also like the classic shape, but unique color and polished pearl finish of this lavender butter dish.   It would make a fun, but not loud, addition to any dining room and table setting.


Check out this casual and different bicycle butter dish – would make a fun gift for a cyclist or a triathlete. 


I love this half stick butter dish– it also comes in (my new fave color) yellow and white.  The smaller size takes up less space in the refrigerator and on the table, but the saturated color packs a punch. 


How fun is this Ship Shape Butter Dish?  I love that the smoke plume doubles as the handle to an included butter knife.  Kids would love this!


And the winner is…………..this FABULOUS whale butter dish by Jonathan Adler.  It is the perfect mix of traditional and modern, predictable and unique.  I just love it! 


No more crumpled up wax paper enveloping my butter stick – I will be enjoying my morning spread from the belly of a way chic whale!


3 responses to “Butter Me Up!

  1. I LOVE Jonathan Adler’s animal inspired accessories. Check out this recent post on Decor8 highlighting them, http://decor8blog.com/2009/06/08/new-jonathan-adler-animals/.

  2. Love the bicycle butter dish! You have such a good eye. . . And I’m glad I have a fun blog to check every day!

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