Hospital Corners and Other Musings on Making a Bed

So, my internet is on the fritz and I am blogging a la Blackberry today with no pictures.  Hopefully, I will be back up tomorrow!

Today I thought I would share a remedial lesson that I just “re-learned”.  My apologies to those of you who already know and live this lesson.

Our house has been a turnstyle of house guests recently, sometimes with both of our guestrooms occupied at the same time.  As I was making the beds for the umpteenth time, I realized that I didn’t really fully remember how to properly make a bed.  I just sort of shove the top sheet under the mattress at the foot of the bed and on the sides.  (collective gasp!)

Since college, I have been using a duvet cover and fitted sheet, without a top sheet.  This ensemble makes laundry a breeze (washing the duvet instead of shoving the bulky comforter into the washing machine and dryer every week or so), and making the bed is a 15 second proposition in the morning.  I use a lightweight primaloft comforter in the summer, and a heavier comforter in the winter.  Btw, with a little research, I learned that this is how the British sleep.  I am so cosmopolitan and didn’t even know it – ha!

Alas, here it is – the proper way to make a bed with a top sheet:

1. Line your flat sheet up with the top of the bed and make sure the sides are hanging evenly over each side of the bed.  The back of the top sheet faces upward.

2. Tuck the end at the foot of the bed between the top and bottom mattress and make sure the sheet is snug and lying flat.

3. Hold the corner of the sheet directly below the end of the mattress and bring it up to the top edge towards the top of the bed forming a taut triangle.

4. Holding your triangle in place, push the remaining fabric between the mattress. Let go.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side of the bed.

5. My mom always folds the top of the sheet down about 12-18 inches from the head of the bed to reveal the front of the sheet.

6. Cover with any additional blankets, and then a duvet, comforter, quilt or matelasse.

Personally, I like a bed made with just a set of pillows with pillowcases, and a set of pillows with shams (either traditional or Euro/square).  I think that a bed with too many other pillows (throw pillows, lumbar pillows, roll pillows, etc.) does not look accessible, inviting or relaxing, which is the whole purpose of a bed!

I am practicing my hospital corners for the next round of guests due on Wednesday!

4 responses to “Hospital Corners and Other Musings on Making a Bed

  1. i totally do hospital corners. do you know my mother? i HATE when the corners come undone and the top sheet is loose and all willy nilly. i also hate putting the duvet into the duvet cover. but i finally got one that fits so it doesn’t shuffle around and i don’t have huge gaps if duvet cover with no filling. THAT was annoying. (ps the trick is a king sized duvet into a full size duvet cover…i know, it makes no sense).

  2. Lala, do you sleep with a top sheet under your duvet cover?

  3. yes. yes, i do. i need both. full set of sheets and duvet.

  4. You make your bed?

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