Decorating in a Pinch

I have a colleague and friend who is in the process of adopting three little girls.  The adoption process has been quick and I am so flattered that she asked for my help to decorate the girls’ bedrooms.  We began with a room for the 8 year old.   She was looking for functional and affordable pieces for the bedroom that could be in place in a matter of a couple weeks.  She preferred not to re-paint the room right away.  The room is painted Restoration Hardware‘s Silver Sage


My inspiration is a picture that I pulled out of a Land of Nod catalog when I was expecting – I love the clean and restful look of the blue walls with the white furniture:


Below are my initial ideas.  I love the feminine white bed and the clean white linens with her name monogrammed on the sham.  We talked about the importance of making this space unique to this special little girl and making her feel loved and welcome. 


I adore this sweet, delicate vanity from Target.  I can already imagine her brushing her hair, painting fingernails and playing dress up in front of the mirror!  I would love to pair it with a brightly colored overstuffed pouf chair (channeling Little Miss Muffet’s tuffet!).


To add some visual interest and playfulness, I would hang 3 or 4 paper lanterns with clear fishing wire in different sizes and at varying heights around the room.  These will provide depth to the space and movement, as the air circulates through the room. 


My initial vision reflected above has been tweaked some through our collaboration and the lovely room is beginning to take shape.  I will keep you posted about our adventures in decorating for this very lucky little girl and her two sisters!

4 responses to “Decorating in a Pinch

  1. Patricia Kiessling

    I have tears in my eyes! I can’t wait to see how the room turns out.

  2. you’re a lawyer? what?

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