Mobiles: They Aren’t Just for Kids!

Ever since laying eyes on that awe-inspiring Calder mobile in the cavernous foyer of the National Gallery, I have adored mobiles. 


Mobiles can add so much interest to a space in your home.  I have a Calder-inspired mobile hanging above my staircase and enjoy the movement and depth it adds to the hallway above and the view down the stairs from the second floor.  There are so many amazingly beautiful mobiles (in all price ranges) to choose from! 

Continuing on the Calder-inspired train of thought, Konrad’s Mobiles has a terrific selection of colors and styles.  Due to my recent crush on the color yellow, I really like this one:

yellowmobileAnother great source of mobiles is Etsy.  Check out all of the neat mobiles in the Handmade section of the website:

This would look great in the corner of a creative home-office:calder3

I am loving these mobiles for the right nook in a living room, sitting room, office, bedroom or oversized closet:




I have had a Goose Rocks Designs mobile since I was in college.  They are beautiful anywhere, but especially some where with plenty of natural light, such as hung in front of a window, in a sunroom or on a covered porch.  Believe me when I tell you — the pictures do not do justice to these beauties!


The flower mobile above would look lovely hung in a kitchen or bathroom window.


I imagine this relaxing, modern and unique mobile hung delicately in a dormer above a comfortable window seat.  Perfect for reading and daydreaming! 

Because I cannot resist, I must give a nod to the genre that inspired all of this frivolity – children’s hanging art.  This sweet butterfly mobile would look terrific in a girl’s bedroom of any age:


And I found this whimsical mobile on Etsy — you can customize the fabric to match the room and bedding — what a great idea:


I could go on and on about magical mobiles!  Perhaps I will post again with even more hanging art that spark!ed my attention.  Mobiles add so much joy to any room – not just a nursery!  Give it a try!


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