To Paint or Not to Paint?


I have been debating about whether to paint this mantle in my family room a high gloss white or not.  Mental banter:

Pros: 1) Gives this late ’80s look a fresh update, 2) don’t really like the color of the wood stain, 3) the mantle would match the trim, molding and the chair rail, 4) the centerpiece of the room would have more interest and depth.

Cons:1) Once painted, it would be almost impossible to go back to stained wood, 2) resale value – would prospective homebuyers in Richmond, Virginia like the white?, 3) do I paint the brick too?, 4) cost — I think a professional would probably have to do the job for fear of DIY gone so wrong.

What do you think?  Complete my handy-dandy poll below!  Once you vote, the results thus far will be displayed:

P.S. I wanted to entitle this blog entry “Natty/White?”.  Haha.


One response to “To Paint or Not to Paint?

  1. Patricia Kiessling

    I like the rug in there.

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