Lemony Fresh Update

Yellow!  I am beginning to see this happy color pop up in the most adorable places.   A few weeks ago, I noticed Ann Curry’s sunny shoes paired with her conservative navy blue suit.   

yellow5yellow4Then, I saw Miz Project Runway herself sporting similarly bright hued shoes with jeans and a casual top.

The unexpected POP of cheery color can have an equally as exciting effect when applied to spaces, without much expense or commitment.  I love the juxtaposition of neutrals (especially whites, grays and creams) with the surprising spark! of yellow. 


(photo courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com)

The commitment and expense of the POP factor is up to you.  Easy and inexpensive ways to add yellow punch to a room include 4-5 lemons in a beautiful glass or crystal bowl, a daffodil in a bud vase, 4×6 pretty yellow wrapping paper or wallpaper sample framed in a standard matted picture frame and placed on a console or hung on the wall. 

yellow11The addition of “look at me” yellow throw pillows , lamp shades, waste baskets (like left, Vip or a knock-off),  or a little delicate table accent, like the sugar serving piece below (www.anthropologie.com), are also affordable ways to update a room.  yellow7

Adding drama with a little more expense or commitment would be really delightful by painting one wall of a neutral room in bright yellow, substituting a dull console in a hallway for a high gloss yellow parsons table or exchanging a boring kitchen appliance, like a mixer (below www.williamssonoma.com) or toaster, for one with a splash of yellow.


The possibilities for a quick, cheery, refreshing update are easy and endless!

7 responses to “Lemony Fresh Update

  1. I never thought of doing this: 4×6 pretty yellow wrapping paper or wallpaper sample framed in a standard matted picture frame and placed on a console or hung on the wall.

    You may be on to something, friend.

    • The wrapping paper/wallpaper/fabric scrap in a frame also goes along with the unexpected theme. The concept makes people notice what may usually be glanced past (e.g., an expected frame with a bunch of people). Thanks for the comments!

  2. I love yellow! thanks for the post– maybe i’ll go buy some yellow shoes on this gross day!

  3. Did you notice on the Bachelorette that Jillian (in her very cute onesies I must say) had on bright yellow pumps. I tried to find a pic but couldn’t …

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